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Go Green to Attract More Tenants in Fort Lauderdale!

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Looking for way to spruce up your rental and attract more tenants?

Beyond cosmetic upgrades, you can stand out to potential tenants by making eco-friendly and energy efficient upgrades to your home!

What tenant wouldn’t like to hear they can save money on their energy or water bill while also doing good for the planet? Featuring the eco friendly and energy efficient aspects in your property listing shows that you genuinely care for your property as well as for the earth.

Here are some easy ways to Go Green!

1. Cut back on paper consumption: do rental applications and rent payment online!

2. Replace appliances/other items when possible with more eco friendly versions that cut down on renter costs and give your space a modern feel. This list includes replacement of refrigerators, microwaves, toilets, and even light bulbs.

3. Provide programmable thermostats. Installing a programmable thermostat can ensure your tenant has more control over their heating / cooling bill which will save them more money in the long run. Small things like this can be a distinguishing factor in where a tenant decides to live!

4. Install water purification systems to your sink faucets to reduce the expense and purchasing of plastic water bottles. Tenants will enjoy this small, unique feature!

5. Install low-flow shower heads to save on water use.

6. Provide recycling bins for the home so the tenant can easily choose to recycle.

There are many more ways to increase the appeal and value of your home by making these updates, and some of them offer greater tax deductions! You’ll find that little updates can make your property more memorable and more competitive in today’s rental market.

If you are looking for ways to improve your property listing and attract more qualified tenants, contact Fort Lauderdale Property Management Pros! We are experts in managing maintenance, rent, and tenant placement for your property, along with other things!

We create and effectively market your property listings, schedule property viewings, find the most qualified tenant, and get you the most rent possible by expertly managing your properties!

– We charge flat fees for property management.

– There are no up-front fees to get started!

– Call us today to discuss your property:  954-372-7501

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