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It’s that task at the very bottom of your to-do list. Always on the back of your mind, but the most cumbersome and time consuming among the rest of the things you need to do instead. Yep, were talking about vacancies and all the stress that comes with having to find a new tenant to fill it. Here’s something that can help you though. A few tips to help get your vacancies filled without spending too much time or breaking your piggy bank.

1. Network Network Network: become a member of a local landlord association, tell friends, family, current tenants, past tenants, and everyone else you know that you have a nice place to live at a moment’s notice.

2. It’s okay to fish for compliments: Ask for testimonials from your tenants. Post them online, print them out, and share them with potential tenants. Not many property owners do this, so it’s a good practice to give you a more competitive edge.

3. Use your senses: Make sure your vacancy is spotless for an open house at any time. Set some display furniture and decor up for nice visuals, light some candles, set out some flowers, or make cookies to attract with smell. Play some soft music and don’t forget to set the property to a comfortable temperature.

4. Referral Perks: Give your current tenants some incentive to refer a tenant to you. If any of your current tenants can get someone they know to apply and is accepted to fill a vacancy, give the current tenant a $100 gift card or check for the effort.

5. Answer The Phone: Every single call matters at this point. If you miss a potential tenants call, or fail to return their message, they will on to the next place faster than you think.

6. Call the Pros: If you’re still struggling to find a new tenant Property Management Pros can help! We specialize in the management of nicer and scattered single family homes all over the country. Our services include tenant screening, secure online rental application, lease preparation, and execution of legal documents. Which means, less stress for you, reliable tenants, and more months of profit for the property.

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