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If you’ve had your home listed for sale with no success, do you still have a choice of whether you will sell or rent, or are you strapped for cash? If your home just isn’t worth what you thought it was, and you’re in need of some extra income – renting could be the solution to all your problems.

Renting out your property can allow you to hold on to it while waiting for a better opportunity and market to sell again. It can even allow time for home improvements while taking in your rental income. Listing it for rent while also keeping it listed for sale can actually increase potential selling exposure too.

You will need additional insurance in this conversion, to cover lost rent and other issues such as liability and fire. The good news is that there are tax advantages for converting your home to a rental. You can deduct the interest on your mortgage and property taxes, along with other things like maintenance costs, depreciation, utilities, insurance, and more. Hiring a property manager to conduct the background check on potential tenants can be crucial in assuring you are getting a qualified tenant so you maintain the value of your home and reduce risk.

If you’ve made a decision and would like to turn your home into a rental to start earning money on it as soon as possible, contact Fort Lauderdale Property Management Pros today! Once your home is market ready, we guarantee rental of the property in 30 days, and there are no up front fees until your home is rented. You have nothing to lose!

Other services offered by the Pros:

Free market ready assessment
Top quality digital photography
Custom narrated walk-through video shot in Hi Definition
Top paid rental advertising on hundreds of sites
Call center
Email response center
Personal showing service 7 days a week with a Licensed Leasing specialist
Secured online rental applications for ease of applying
Detailed full credit score, credit report access
National criminal database access
National sexual offender database access
Professional rental verification
Professional lease preparation & execution of legal documents
Renter’s insurance verification
Utility transfer assistance
Keys copied and facilitation of tenant move in

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