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Greg Babbitt Bio

Greg Babbitt /B.S./NARPM-IREM / Broker / CPM-Certified Property Manager

Greg Babbitt, a second generation Real Estate Agent & Property manager. Greg received a Bachelor of Science from The Ohio State University in 1985. A year later he obtained his Ohio Real Estate License and went to work for one the Largest regional residential property management companies in the nation. By the time he had earned the coveted, Certified Property Management (CPM) designation from The Institute of Real Estate Management (IREM) in 1996, Greg was the regional manager who oversaw 22 sites, and over 6000 units, worth over $150 million, assuring an optimal financial return for each ownership entity.

Real Estate investment was in Greg’s blood and, naturally had already begun his own profitable real estate investment career when he started his own Real Estate Brokerage in 1998 and quickly obtained his Real Estate Brokers License a year later 1999.

Widely acknowledged as the “driving force” of the new Brokerage, Greg engineered the the most productive, Non franchised, independent Real Estate brokerage in Columbus Ohio in a period of six impressive years. After 10 years creating, building, & driving the brokerage, Greg sold ‘SOLUTIONS for Real Estate’ (for a profit) at the beginning of the 2008 Real Estate down turn. Demonstrating once again, Greg’s unparalleled foresight, & market savvy.

Greg was quickly approached to form a NEW, & Improved business model of which he would once again take the helm  of a superior, results driven business model that succeeds, despite adverse market conditions. Greg Babbitt, consistantly guiding owners & clients through the troubling Real Estate waters.

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