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We want your home! Long term rental properties are in high demand. Make extra income on your Fort Lauderdale  property while you wait for property values to stabilize.  Why do a Short Sale on your home and lose thousands of dollars?  Renting your home to a qualified tenant and let us manage that rental for you makes sense in this current economy.   According to housing experts, home values will stay at current levels over the next two to four years.

We are The Leaders in the Rental & Property Management of Executive Rental Homes in the Greater Fort Lauderdale area. We are also the only CPM (Certified Property Manager) who specializes in Single family homes and condos in the Greater Fort Lauderdale Area, Broward County and Palm Beach County, Florida.

We employ TWO, Exclusive, proprietary marketing systems… The HYBRID Home Selling/Renting System & The Compound Marketing System. Where we can simultaneously, and aggressively market your property, for sale,
for rent, rent to own, land contract and/or any other type of owner financing that is acceptable to YOU, the owner

Please contact us at any time @ 954-372-7501 to discuss the details of your situation and how our Unique, & UNMatched 277 point Marketing plan, combined with our Exclusive, Hybrid Home Selling/Renting System can bring you results in Fort Lauderdale to manage your rental home, in the current Real Estate Market. I also can answer your questions about rental rates & the market in your area.

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